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Dum Dum Girls: End of Daze EP

Dee Dee and company brood and overcome on this stellar EP

The Dum Dum Girls have staying power. They dream, brood, kick ass, and write damn good songs. They’ve made waves with both full-length releases (I Will Be, and Only In Dreams) and solid EPs (He Gets Me High, now this). This five-song release contains enough quality to constitute an LP, but it has all the more impact for doing so in 18 minutes. “Mine Tonight” dreams of death, “I Got Nothing” laments loneliness and distance, “Trees and Flowers” is a cover of a Strawberry Switchblade song, proclaiming a hatred for so much of one’s surroundings, “Lord Knows” yearns for a better-lived existence and alludes to Icarus, who met a sad fate flying in bliss to closely to the sun, and “Season in Hell” recognizes all the broken hearts and tears, finally driving the work toward redemption, toward a new dawn. The album is reminiscent in production to some Raveonettes releases, understandable given Dee Dee’s work with Sune Rose Wagner of that duo. This work is one of my personal must-listens for the year. Play it, gosh darnit.

Think: Everything from the indulgent and sullen devotions to the guitar-driven melodies of good pop

REC: 1, 2, (3), 4, 5

FCC: Clean

Label: Sub Pop

Release Date: Oct. 9, 2012

Alex Applegate reviewed this album on October 17, 2012