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Featured Artist: Ros Sereysothea

Vintage Postcards profiles a famous Cambodian singer

By Paige Henderson

Known as the Golden Voice of Cambodia, Ros Sereysothea was born in 1948 and captured Cambodia’s heart at a very young age.  Working with Khmer Rock ‘n Roll legends like Sinn Sissmouth, Sereysothea’s sweet and hauntingly charming vocals can’t help but demand a listener’s attention.  From the thick rocking of “Flowers in the Pond,” to the fun and catchy “Oh Snaeha!” it’s hard not to fall in love.

Beyond the beauty of this Cambodian jem, unfortunately, is a tragedy.  Sereysothea, alongside nearly all of her fellow musicians and artists in the Cambodian renaissance, was captured and presumably killed by the Khmer Rogue after their take over of kingdom. Over time, the voices of Cambodia before the Rogue have surfaced.  You can find Sereysothea on a number of compilation albums, including my favorite, Dengue Fever Presents: Electric Cambodia.



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