Tom Selleck’s Mustache – Heartbreak 101

Mix equal parts New Pornographers, Jonathan Coulton, and Decemberists

Minnesota’s Tom Selleck’s Moustache has an interesting name. Tom Selleck’s Mustache actually is not in the band (because autonomous mustaches can’t play instruments or sing), though an artist’s rendition of the Selleck’s famous facial hair is clearly visible for the album artwork.

The songs found on the album are as fun as the name of the band. It combines aspects of familiar acts, such as The New Pornographers and Jonathan Coulton, and the vocals sound like a deeper version of Colin Meloy’s. All songs are firmly in the realm of indie pop, bright and active, brought alive by bleeping synths and active bass lines. The guitar tone from “Dirty Whisper” is reminiscent of those found in the Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind?”, but TSM’s songs are more sunny and fun than anything the Pixies wrote by magnitudes. If solid indie rock with a knack for catchy hooks and choruses is your bag, check out Heartbreak 101.

Think: Strong indie pop in the vein of Jonathan Coulton
Rec: 1,3,4
FCC: none
Release Date: Feb. 5, 2013

Reviewed by Jason Ralston


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