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All Time Low

Scene teens and twenty-something nostalgics rejoice!

Scene teens and twenty-something nostalgics rejoice! Pop punk gods of rock and sex appeal, All Time Low put on a stellar show at the Granada Tuesday, April 8th.

Screaming girls welcomed the first act, Handguns, to their first Lawrence show. Bred in Pennsylvania, the home state of many modern punk bands, Handguns willed and thrilled their way through an energetic, eight-song set.

For the next performance, New Jersey sent emotional punk rockers, Man Overboard. “Defend pop-punk” is their motto and defend it they did. Don’t be fooled by the motley, unassuming appearance of its members; Man Overboard packed a walloping, eight-song set, to which the audience roared along.

With an unbelievable command of the stage and of their rabid fans, headliners All Time Low thundered through a highly-anticipated set. Songs were pulled from all of their albums and even an audience request, proving All Time Low’s diversity and dedication to their adoring fans. Frontman Alex Gaskarth further stole the hearts of his fans when he paused his short acoustic set to help a girl overwhelmed with infatuation or dehydration or both. Oohs, ahhs, and a consistent pitching of screams battled the upbeat music and guitarist Jack Barakat’s pleas for audience jumping and ladies’ undergarments. Eye candy bassist, Zachary Merrick, let his scantily-clad muscles and throbbing bass lines do his talking while girls passed out at the chance to touch his worn-in Vans. And All Time Low would be nothing without the Bass Bass Snare Bass Bass Snare Bass Bass Snare cadences of drummer Rian Dawson.

Obnoxious fun. Sweaty fun. Ear-piercing fun. Fun.

It almost makes me wish I hadn’t missed the pop punk phase of my teen years.

all time low

Written by Max Moore, KJHK Music Staff.