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Denney & the Jets – Mexican Coke

Nashville Example

“Who loves Burger Records?!” “Kel loves Burger Records!” And by Kel, I mean me. Denny & the Jets exemplifies everything that Nashville bands are known for: crazy amount of live shows, DYI work ethic, heart, and hit the ground running approach to music. They mean business. Denney & the Jets keep that Nashville sound but add a little extra nod to the South. They throw in boozed out blues rock with a touch of (*gasp*) country! Opening the album, “Water to Wine” (track #1) gives listeners the lay of the land, displaying their funky subtle twang and tight harmonies. I completely dig this song. It also has that 60s Rolling Stones jam drive that is constant through the album. But the country twang is always hiding behindnd your shoulder. Overall, the record is more blues rock than country. So that’s a relief haha. But in total, the easy melodies make songs easy to sing along to. I will definitely be playing this record on air. And you should too! Unfortunately, I cannot find any YouTube videos of them playing jams off their latest album. So just means you have to check it out. Now get to it!
Recommended Tracks: 1, 8, 9, 2, 6

RIYL: Natural Child, Mozes and the First Born, The Black Hollies, The Velvet Underground
Reviewed by Katie Barrett on 4.15.14