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Interpol: Elpintor

Elpintor is not much different from previous albums.Interpol is a staple for most college radio stations and KJHK is no different. We have quite a few of their previous works and I think we can all agree that they are an influential band who had their time in the spotlight. The trouble with Interpol is that even though time has changed and we as fans have grown the music and the overall vibe is still very similar if not the same. There is not much differentiation from one album to the next. Interpol has a very distinct sound–a sound that resonates with a lot of fans. However, after a while it can be a little tiresome or even somewhat boring for the listener.

Thus Interpol on their fifth album Elpintor delivers the same old stuff in new packaging.  It’s equipped with the NYC harshness, driving guitars, and melancholy lyrics. The album starts off with “All the Rage Back Home,” which could have easily fit on any of the earlier records. The drums are kicking and the melody is catchy, but the flavor is a bit bland. “My Desire” features slightly fuzzed and layered guitar riffs and a hazy atmosphere. It builds into a nice jam session. “Anywhere” is punchy track with a chorus that features some intricate guitar work. “Everything is Wrong” features a groove that is almost infectious and a head bobbing chorus with depressing lyrics. A few standout tracks are DNPs which is always a bummer. Paul Banks’ vocals are unique and the lyrics are intriguing, but again there are no new themes, melodies, or guitar riffs–just variations of previous works. The final thought being whether or not Interpol is still relevant in the college radio market. That is a question only you and our listeners can answer.

Recommended if you like: The National, old Interpol

Recommended tracks: “My Desire,” “All The Rage Back Home,” “Everything Is Wrong,” and “Anywhere”

Reviewed by Emilie Stafford on October 3, 2014