Walter TV: Appetite

This album has character, an atmosphere, and Mac DeMarco

Walter TV is Pierce McGarry, Joe McMurray, Simon Ankenman and Mac DeMarco. Yeah that’s right Mac DeMarco. Pierce and Joe are band mates of Mac and this is their side project. I love it when songwriters show a different side of themselves through a side project.

This is not Mac’s band it’s Pierce’s. He provides the vocals and writes the songs. Appetite is fun, strange ride of tunes that are intriguing to listen to. The promoter claimed Walter TV to be “if Mac DeMarco, Animal Collective and Vampire Weekend made a sweet music lovechild.” That is a very bold statement that I think is really impossible to attain. However upon listening to Appetite you can easily hear elements of each of the bands listed.

The punchy raw melodies are similar to Feels or Strawberry Jam. The key groove in most of track consists of a kicking drums and rapid guitar licks very similar to Contra. And finally considering the fact that Mac DeMarco is in the band you can hear the similarities; although these tracks are more aggressive and less chill.

The opening track “Nose Bleeding” features synths and monotone vocals. It builds into a very Panda Bear-esqu groove. “Africa” is a fun and whimsical track which features no lyrics only screams. It’s very catchy and upbeat.  “Neccessitty” is a fine example of the Animal Collective influence. “Puka Shell Necklace” has the chill vibe and oh so familiar guitar sound of Mac. “Siddhartha” closes off the album with a groovy bass line, garage guitars, and psychedelic vocals.

This album is pretty flipping cool. It’s got character and an atmosphere. Hopefully Walter TV will make some more tasty jams in the future.

Recommended if you like: Animal Collectivea and Mac DeMarco

Recommended tracks: “Neccessitty,” “Africa,” “Lo Noise,” “Puka Shell Neclace,” and “Siddhartha”

Reviewed by Emilie Stafford October 25, 2014

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