Django Django: Born Under Saturn

Django-Django-Born-Under-SaturnThe UK quartet gained notable buzz with their 2012 release Django Django. The album had psychedelic tones, folktronic elements and a few art pop touches. It told a story, one that could be listened to over and over. On Born Under Saturn, Django’s sophomore effort, they attempt to tell another story but this time the plot just isn’t as good. It’s not a bad story and in some respects it is like a sequel to their first album but we all know that the original is always better than the sequel.

That being said this album is still a fun listen. It grabs the listener’s attention with the futuristic sound that Django Django is known for. The opening track “Giant” is upbeat with a powerful beat and groovy percussion. The band doesn’t skimp on Beach Boys-esque harmonies which can be heard on tracks such as “Reflections”. My favorite track on the album is “Life We Know”. It’s the ending track but doesn’t really sound like one. If you listen to the album on a loop this track ties in really nicely with the first track. The appeal is the catchy chorus and jangly guitar riffs. “Beginning to Fade” is the ballad on the album with lovely piano and swaying vocals.

While this album isn’t as groundbreaking as their first, Django Django can still deliver a catchy tune. This album is perfect for days under the sun in the heat of summer.

Recommended If You Like: Temples, Everything Everything, Metronomy
Recommended Tracks: 6 (Reflections), 1 (Giant), 13 (Life We Know), 2 (Shake & Tremble), 10 (Beginning to Fade)
Do Not Play: None
Written by Emilie Stafford on 05/11/2015

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