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The Chemical Brothers: Born in Echoes

5UCDCH02The Chemical Brother’s Born in the Echoes is bizarre. It has the standard repetitive beats and additive/subtractive ideology of dance albums, but has the kind of vibe you’d expect during a Halloween party. Squeaky synths, hushed vocals, and distorted/bright ambiances are a common theme in most of the tracks.
It’s a crunchy. It has a tinge of twang. A lot of slightly detuned noises and touches of vibrato. If it didn’t have all the touches of darkness I would have looked over Born in Echoes, but this album turned out to have enough charm to be quite an enjoyable experience. Dancy, well produced, and a bit creepy all at the same time.

Recommended If You Like: Deadmau5, edIT, Trentemoller
Recommended Tracks: 11 (Wide Open), 7 (Reflexion), 8 (Taste of Honey), 9 (Born in the Echoes)
Do Not Play: None
Written by Shane Blair on 07/14/2015