rsz_djds-stand-up-and-speak-album-stream (1)DJDS’s new album Stand Up and Speak is a house album that features many uplifting moments and danceable beats while incorporating pop elements in order to appeal to a mainstream audience. The repetitive nature of the lyrics makes it easy for any listener to jump in whenever they’d like and the messages in the lyrics are simple, yet empowering. That combined with the high energy makes the album perfect for large crowds.

One critique of Stand Up and Speak is that it spends most of the time scraping the volume ceiling, making it exhausting to listen to. It is recommended that DJs be very nitpicky and only play one or two songs at a time. Otherwise, use this album to kick things up to 11!

Recommended If You Like: Porter Robinson, Disclosure

Recommended Tracks: 10 (Found (Closing)), 3 (In The Flames), 1 (One Good Thing (Opening))

Do Not Play: None

Written by Shane Blair on 02/08/16

KJHK 90.7 FM