The Donkeys: Midnight Palms

rsz_donkeys_midnight_palmsFresh off a recent tour, the Donkeys channeled their refreshed creative energy into a quick five-track EP, Midnight Palms. This album is aptly named, as it emits the “cool” riffs and grooves characteristic of west coast indie rock and roll. The San Diego based group is slowly rising to continue the legacy of other California greats, mixed somewhere between the likes of Pavement, the Beach Boys, and The Grateful Dead.
Midnight Palms is an extremely easy listen.

Each song has a place and purpose, and as a whole, this EP does not overstay its welcome. The first track, “Hurt Somebody,” injects the album with an initial energy that seems to slowly dissipate into more mellow, Beach Boys-turned-slacker-rock sounds. “Down the Line” could almost be an outtake from a Mac Demarco record. With some solid tracks in between, the album closes with “Star Bird,” a strong yet slow psychedelic piece. The Donkeys nailed it with Midnight Palms, further cementing their spot among the many great bands to come out of Southern California.

Recommended If You Like: Kurt Vile, Real Estate, Wilco, Pavement

Recommended Tracks: 2 (Down the Line), 3 (Hold Onto You), 4 (Day by Day), 5 (Star Bird)

Do Not Play: 1 (Hurt Somebody)

Written by Alex Frank on 02/26/16

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