Local Natives: Sunlit Youth

sunlit-youth-albumHailing from Los Angelos, California, Local Natives released their third full album, Sunlit Youth. Local Natives started their career in 2009 with their debut album, Gorilla Manor, displaying a timeless summer sound. In 2013 they came out with their sophomore album, Hummingbird, which showcased a more somber sound. With a third album in the works, Local Natives decided to create a perfect mix of both sounds, making an album full of nostalgia, summer, indie rock sounds that is Sunlit Youth.
Local Natives created new singles that are diverse, making each track memorable in their melodic differences. Lead singer, Taylor Rice starts the album with “Villiany” singing “I wanna start again”, followed with a synth-pop beat and belting background harmonies that set the stage for the new sounds that make up Sunlit Youth. The variety in melody from the up-beat hit “Fountain of Youth”, to the vocal heavy and bass lead “Coin”, this third album by Local Natives makes for an optimistic, feel-good set of tunes for easy listening.

Local Natives album, Sunlit Youth, mixes reflective lyrical achievements, pop-synth electric beats, and magical harmonies to create a timeless feel-good album.

Recommended If You Like: Young the Giant, Atlas Genius, Ra Ra Riot
Recommended Tracks: 3(Dark Days) 4 (Fountain of Youth), 7 (Coins)
Do Not Play: none
Written by Maggie Witherow on 09/21/2016