Top 5 Local Hip Hop Music Videos

I-70 Independent host break down the local beatzzz

I’ve had the pleasure of following the local KC/Lawrence hip hop scene for the past year and a half.  And while I don’t know every artist in the area or every video created, the following are some of the best videos I have seen put out.  Check ’em out!

1. The Lonely Hearts Club (Dutch Newman/Johnny Quest)-Sweet

Johnny Quest has a distinct advantage being that videos are his career, but “Sweet” is awesome and features no local faces but is a fascinating mash-up of video samples.

2. Ces Cru-Changes

Ces Cru has put out a multitude of videos created by Justin Marmostein but “Changes” takes the cake for me. The use of many camera angles and shots in the same frame laced with political protest clips? How could you not love this video?

3. Atilla feat. Approach-Rock All Night

Atilla, aka Sean Minor, has this amazing ability of doing anything he puts his mind to. An emcee, producer, photographer, videographer, visual artist, web designer, and who knows what else. His self-directed and edited video for Rock All Night combines the feel of a house party but illustrated elegantly with seamless transitions in between scenes.

4. Miles Bonny-Do You

I bought Miles Bonny’s album “INcense and Wine” and to be honest, it didn’t make sense to me. Then I saw the video for “Do You” and I understood everything. If one music video can make sense of your entire album, that speaks volumes about the production of the video. “Do You” is experimental but down to earth mixing different media to perfectly illustrate the song.

5. Steddy P.xDJ Mahf-Rock Steddy

This one was a tough one to decide but stop motion figurines playing the emcee and DJ made the decision a little easier. Steddy P. creates a great video through in a ton of different sets, techniques, and it goes with the tempo of the song. Overall a solid video that explores techniques and ideas that we haven’t seen much around these parts of the country.

Honorable Mention—Dela feat. Reach-Go On

It isn’t completely local as Reach is the only part that is from KC. It is still awesome though and worth a view!

by james baker
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