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Thursday on Input/Output

Top 20 electronic tracks of the year.

It’s that time. When you and your friends get together, disregard all yuletide civility, and argue about the best albums of the year. It’s just like that on Input/Output this week. Where I will be counting down my favorite tracks (I wish I could do albums) of 2011. This will include tracks from the likes of Cut Copy, The Field, Burial, Gold Panda, remixes, refixes, and more. A lot more. All in all, It will probably be around 20 tracks (depending on the 10+ minute epics that make the cut…looking at you The Field). We’ve had a pretty stellar year in music in general, and the electronic side of things is no different, so tune in Thursday at Midnight to Input/Output, or check back here at kjhk.org for a track listing after the show.


by marc schroeder
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