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Archers of Loaf: “Vee Vee”

Reissue of this classic ’90s indie album with a few previously unreleased demos.

Archers of Loaf are a noise pop band from the mid-90s most known for their 1993 classic, “Icky Mettle.” On this reissue of their 1995 follow up, Archers of Loaf prove that they were not just a one album wonder. The album itself is full of great noise pop goodness that fans of the genre will sure to love. However, since this is a reissue, it is important to focus on the second disc of demos and rarities. As usual, this a mixed bag but there are still a few gems to be found. In particular, their cover of John Coltrane’s Equinox and their cover for (Big Joe and) Phantom 309 are both worth a listen. Pick this up if you’re at all interested in 90s noise pop.

Reviewed by: Jake Waters on February 12, 2012

RIYL: 90s Noise Pop

Recommended Tracks: Disc 1: 1 and 10. Disc 2: 8 and 9

FCC Warning: Disc 1: 4

Label: Merge

Release Date: February 21, 2012