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The Lemonheads: “Hotel Sessions”

Unreleased, lo-fi demos from this great band.

“Hotel Sessions” by the Lemonheads is kind of an interesting album because it’s all acoustic demos of songs from the band’s 1993 album Come On Feel the Lemonheads done in the lead singer, Evan Dando’s hotel room. If anything this is more of an Evan Dando solo album rather than a full on Lemonheads album. This album would probably be most suited for hardcore fans of the Lemonheads who already know the full versions of the songs by heart but it’s still an interesting listen. This is still an album worth checking out for fans of acoustic lo-fi music and fans of power pop in general. I would recommend listening to the actual album the full versions of these songs are on first though because it’s really good!

Reviewed by: Jake Waters on April 8, 2012

RIYL: The Lemonheads, Lo-fi acoustic music

Recommended Tracks: 2, 3, 7, 9

FCC Warning: 1, 6

Label: Hall of Records

Release Date: February 7, 2012