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Overkill on Malicious Intent

DJ Lector speaks with Blitz at The Beaumont Club this Thursday.

Overkill is the alpha and the omega of thrash metal. With a career spanning over two decades and 14 full-length albums, Overkill has remained a constant in the metal genre it helped define. The Jersey workingman’s metal monster originally formed as a four-piece. The self-proclaimed “Wrecking Crew” released a handful of albums on quintessential metal label Megaforce Records in the early ‘80s. As label mates with such bands as Metallica and Anthrax, Overkill became partof the birth of the East Coast thrash metal scene. The band’s relationship with Megaforce culminated in the release of 1991’s acclaimed Horroscope. From there, the band moved on to Atlantic records where it would produce I Hear Black and W.F.O.

After leaving Atlantic Records, Overkill would spend the next 10 years continuing to release hi-powered Thrash records, as well as having a seemingly endless touring cycle. The band remained true to their thrash metal roots and released some of its best work, including 1999’s Necroshine and 2003’s Killbox 13. Both records becoming the keystone of thrash metal for fans worldwide.

Overkill has endlessly toured the globe hitting most every music venue and participated in all of the
heavy European festivals. Gaining legions of metal fans wherever they travel, the band has conquered
the globe, from the Far East to South America. Overkill has shared the stage with metal icons nu and old.

Now with Bodog Music, the band is set to rejoin forces with Jonny and Marsha Zazula, previous owners
of Megaforce Records, who are now part of the Bodog Team in the United States. Overkill will unleash
its 15th studio album, Immortalis, on October 9. The upcoming album features Overkill’s latest lineup,
which along with founders Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth and D.D. Verni, includes guitarists Derek “The Skull”
Tailer and Dave Linsk, as well as the newest member to join the band, drummer Ron Lipnicki.

There are few names as well respected as Overkill, and with the resurgence of metal in the music word,
this band is poised to return to the top. Overkill is ready to show old metal heads they still have it and to
teach the new schoolers exactly how it’s done.

from dj lector
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