Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros: “Here”

Lots of twang and gospel-styled singing.

An excellent album for folks interested in some classic folk sounding music.  Lots of gospel-esque crooning, box stomping, and guitar twanging. Even though it’s got the old timey vibe they modernize it with electric guitars and their huge band includes lots of interesting instrument combinations with banjos, wurlitzers, horns, harmonicas, and all sorts of acoustic and electric stringed instruments.  Definitely a fun record and the lyrics are included in the cd case so feel free to sing along.

RIYL: Indie Folk, Tyler Gregory, Big Harp
Recommended Tracks: 5, 6, 2, explore!
FCC Warning: None
Label: Vagrant
Release Date: May 2012

Reviewed by: Zack Marsh during May, 2012