Sexy Delicious: Fatty Casual

Alternative funk with a sexy sax!

If this band has one thing going for it, that would have be their awesome name. With a name like Sexy Delicious, one would think that their would be no possible way that band could live up to it but somehow they do on their debut album Fatty Casual. This album can be best described as alternative funk with the way that they combined funky bass lines and sax with giant pop hooks that are normally found in alternative music in the 90s. The track that defines this sound the best would have to be the closing song “Get a Job.” The song starts off with a slow grooving pace but quickly builds itself up into an energetic frenzy full of sexy sax and blazing guitar. Listen to this album for no other reason then to hear that awesome closing song.
RIYL: Alternative Funk
REC: 10, 3, 1, 2

FCC Warning: None
Label: Self-released
Release date: August 2012
Reviewed by Jake Waters

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