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Goldenboy: Blue Swan Orchestra

A re-release of that California pop

Goldenboy (Indie Dream Pop Rock out of California) originally released their debut album, Blue Swan Orchestra, in 2003. It’s been recently reissued through Eenie Meenie Records on vinyl along with a new record, The New Familiar.  This album features relaxed percussion and vocals seemingly inspired by Elliott Smith and the Smiths.  The background harmonies can be dark and droning adding an edgier spin to their sound.  The track ‘Summertime’ actually features the late Elliott Smith, a good friend of Shon Sullivan, the lead singer.  There is a sense of fluidity throughout the album that coincides with the matured sound of Goldenboy’s music. This album is improved by repeated listening from start to finish, so playing one song in the midst of a radio show wouldn’t allow for full appreciation.

Sounds like: Elliott Smith, Belle & Sebastian, The Smiths
Recommended: 1, 6, 7, 8, 11
DNP: none
Reviewed by Kate Sopich on September 9, 2012