Vintage Vinyl changes its structure

What to expect from this year’s Vintage Vinyl show

In previous months with Vintage Vinyl, I have always tried to come up with one cohesive “theme” for shows. It actually all started with blogs like these, in which I felt like I needed to come up with something catchy, something punchy, to write about. I admit, it was really helpful in picking records for my weekly show, and it forced me to put some thought into it, but this semester has been different. I blame the three part-time jobs (down from six), 18 credit hours of class, and trying to balance everything between.

For the shows I’ve done this semester, I’ve been picking my records more on the spur of the moment. There have been times when I’ve picked a theme days in advance and by the time my show comes around, I’m just not feeling it anymore. I think music is such a constantly evolving thing, as are our moods, and music should be chosen based on mood. Am I sad today? Do I want to listen to sad songs and wallow? Am I pumped and therefore wanting to listen to something rocking? These things matter. And moods rarely stay the same for days on end. This belief, coupled with a bad habit of procrastination, have led me to pull records literally minutes before I need to be in the studio, and I have to say that this semester has probably been the best so far. I’ve received more calls than ever from people who appreciate my choices and feel a need to call in to say so, which is awesome. And I have enjoyed my time in the studio more as a result – I’m choosing records by what is currently playing, what I think will sound good after.

With blog posts like these, it’s hard to tell listeners to tune in, because I can’t really tell them what to expect or look forward to. But I can say that no matter what it is, I will be enthused by it, and I think this comes through on the airwaves. So, my dear and lovely listeners, I hope you tune in again this week for another installment of Vintage Vinyl. I have been especially looking forward to this gorgeous, gorgeous weather we’ve been having, so I will probably continue trying to rush the season by playing music reminiscent of Autumn. Curl up with a hot beverage and put your radio dial on 90.7 FM. You won’t regret it.


Vintage Vinyl airs every Wednesday night from 8-10 p.m.

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