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Black Moth Super Rainbow-Cobra Juicy

Electro-Psych vets bring the grooves
I was introduced to Black Moth Super Rainbow through a friend of mine. The first album he had me listen to was 2004’s Start a People and I was instantly taken by their uniquely lo-fi electronic sound. Several years later, their production is more lush but thankfully, they still know their way around a synthesizer. Their latest album blends upbeat electronic music with psychedelia to create an auditory journey filled with flashing lights and pretty colors. The highlight of the album is the track “Dreamsicle Bomb” which is reminds me of a more trippy version of Kavinsky’s Nightcall but all of the  songs are great.

REC: All (except the DNPs)
FCC: 3, 9, 11
Label: Rad Cult
Release Date: Oct. 23, 2012
Jake Waters reviewed this album on October 28, 2012