The Amends – What We Could Be

Your new 11th favorite rock band

The Amends have one goal for their music, to be your new 11th favorite rock and roll band.  Unfortunately they failed, but in a good way I would definitely put them in my current top 10 of rock bands.  They have a unique sound all their own with a bit of a blues feel to it with anthemic indie rock added to the mix.  Their second studio album What We Could Be as a whole is a solid piece of work by this group from Boulder, Colorado.  “Second Take” is a good opener for the album keeps you hooked for the rest of the album all the way to the finish “Come & See” which nicely showcases their softer side with a soulful sound to the vocals.

Think: Rare Monk, Jump The Shark
REC: All but…
DNP: 8
Label: The Amends
Release Date : Jan 8, 2013

Reviewed By Ethan Graham on March 12, 2013