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Full Metal Jacket

Not to be confused with Malicious Intent

Just to clarify, Full Metal Jacket is not Malicious Intent. Full Metal Jacket is not meant to be Malicious Intent.

Full Metal Jacket refers to the bullet modification that allows smaller entry points through increased velocity and can pierce hard targets.

The tagline, or motto, of the show is “Armor Piercing Sounds”. This is a play off of the phrase “armor piercing rounds”  which describes bullets with full metal jackets. The music played on Full Metal Jacket is meant to move you in one way or another. Some people have strong musical preferences and put up boundaries when exposed to new music. Breaking through these boundaries takes courage and a little extra oomph. Once through, however, a rush of Dopamine in the brain causes those chills/goosebumps only listening to certain songs can evoke (from this show or from any other source). .

I, with the opportunity to open people up to music they may have never heard of (or given a try, thought they’d like, etc.), provide music I think will reach the audience in varying ways. And to speak of this program’s diversity, no one show is the same as another. Tracklists are updated every week and new music is constantly being added to the FMJ library. If you have song requests or suggestions for featured artists, feel free to contact me:

email at djdopamine7@gmail.com

twitter @djdopamine7

Full Metal Jacket is Full Metal Jacket. I invite you to feel the rush of Dopamine.

Written by DJ Dopamine. Tune into Full Metal Jacket every Tuesday from 10-midnight on 90.7fm KJHK.