Midwest Coast

New Albums You Want To Hear

Recent releases for you to dance to, drive to, or stare out your window pensively to.

My oh my there have been some good ones lately!


A Is For Alpine – Alpine

(similar to The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Minus The Bear and IO Echo)

Two women harmonizing gently over sexy drums and bass through which intricate guitar melodies and synth riffs continuously weave about.  They cover quite a range of sounds, from alternative rock to slow-building, atmospheric electro-jams, to funky, soulful dance-pop.  All with skill and style.


Antiphon – Midlake

(similar to Crosby, Stills & Nash, Interpol and Snowden)

Scenic and moody, this is what you need to hear if you’ve been waiting for a great rock record to get into.


Sons of the Sea – Sons of the Sea

(similar to Incubus, Sea Wolf and White Rabbits)

Relaxing and dynamic, softer rock than Incubus but still groovy at times and cerebral at others.

Keep and eye out for the new Broken Bells!

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