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For the Record

Narkalark EP Review

While this record may never be in a vinyl format, I think it is important that this music is heard .  Besides, as their Facebook page says, Narkalark is “synthesized music for the human world.”  What exactly does that mean?  What does it mean to be human?  Can robots feel love and pain?

I believe Narkalark tries to answer all of these questions and more on his new and very first EP.

Narkalark is a one-man-band, and wizard of keyboards and synthesizers.  This EP is full of bleeps and bloops, thick textures, and Nintendo spasms, but from a grown up perspective.  This EP has highs and lows, just like any human would.  Highs from the best day you and imagine, and lows that make you wonder if robots really can feel pain…

Only one track features vocal work, and I think that’s okay.  Sometimes music alone can speak volumes and I believe that is exactly what Narkalark is doing with the instrumentals on this EP.  The only track that does feature vocals is a cover of Hideaway featuring Larren Winn on vocals and originally by Karen O. of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

The EP is definitely worth some listens… and downloads… and purchases, so go support the local music scene in Lawrence, KS and enjoy some danceable electronic music.

November 29th, Narkalark had an album release show at the Bottleneck here in Lawerence.  Also, be on the look out for an “In Studio” performance on KJHK.  You can also go pick up the CD in The Love Garden, and check out some other great records while you’re there.

Check out Narkalark’s Bandcamp and Facebook



Written by Kyle Stringer. Tune into For the Record every Friday night form 8-10pm on 90.7FM KJHK.