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Now recruiting for News and Multimedia staffs

Multimedia Staff

Live @ KJHK is our national award winning radio program and YouTube channel. We bring in local and national acts to play live on-air for 10-20 minutes. We produce a video of each performance to put on our YouTube channel and KJHK website. To make this happen, there are four main things that the multimedia staff does:

1) set up microphones and audio-recording equipment

2) Performance filming by videographers

3) Audio is mixed by a sound engineer

4) Finally, the video is edited and published on YouToube and kjhk.org.


  • CBI Award: Best college radio program in the country
  • KAB best entertainment program
  • Youtube subscribers= 290, over 100,000 views

Why Join?

  • Great resume material with videos for a portfolio
  • Great experience on all levels of production
  • You meet a ton of awesome musicians and interesting people
  • It’s the most personal show you will ever get

Contact Multimedia Director, Taylor Umbrell at multimedia@kjhk.org

In-studio example

News Staff

What is Ad Astra Radio? – KJHK’s premier arts & culture radio show. We feature news, interviews, documentaries – even short fiction – connected to a biweekly theme. Life in the KU-Lawrence community is always our starting point, but any topic is game, as long as you find it interesting.

(Example: For this year’s Halloween show “(Fear of) Change” we had a historical examination of the famous Orson Welles “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast, an interview with zombie expert Max Brooks during his visit to KU, and a personal essay about anxiety in the face of change.)

What does Ad Astra staff do? – As a member of News Staff you play the role of writer/reporter/producer, following up on stories, recording interviews and narration, and editing the final piece. At meetings you can pitch your own idea for a story, pick one from a list, or brainstorm something on the spot with the rest of the staff.

What do we use to make radio? – At Astra you’ll have access to professional recording and editing equipment, including Tascam field audio recorders, in-studio production suites, and the latest edition of Adobe Audition – giving you the power to make your stories sound just how you want them to.

Why should I join Ad Astra? – First off: fun! Writing for Ad Astra, you get the experience hearing your stories broadcast live throughout Lawrence and distributed online as a podcast and live stream. Meanwhile, you build editing and production skills that will be vital as Broadcast News shifts further into podcasts and online markets. Finally, you’ll be part of an award-winning staff – Ad Astra stories took home 7 Kansas Association of Broadcaster Awards just last year.

Contact News Director, Scott Ross at news@kjhk.org.