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The Rinse Out

Glacial Movements In Grime

Murlo – Last Dance EP (Glacial Sound)

2013 was a great year for new takes on grime. There was the War Dub clash among producers which re-energized what had been a relatively stale scene. There was also the continued growth of the alternative grime scene, helmed by labels like Oil Gang, Unknown to the Unknown, and Glacial Sound. The latter label brings us a cracking EP from Murlo, filled with plenty of gliding squares that are reminiscent of grime’s golden age. The three original tracks are very sparse, but still hit hard. It’s not hard for me to imagine an MC doing the waiting-for-the-mic skank as he waits his turn to these tunes. The Slackk and Swing Ting remixes also bring a change of pace and are worthy additions. Turn the bass bins up on this one.


Kahn & Neek – Chevy / Thief in the Law (Bandulu Records)

Kahn & Neek have established themselves as thoroughly badmen in the grime scene the past couple years. This 12” on Bandulu records adds to their legacy. Chevy starts things off with a rolling bassline and heavy horns. The inclusion of a sample from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night made me smile and fits the track well. The b-side is where this release really shines, however. Thief in the Law’s bassline is made up of gliding squares that make you feel like you want leng man down in the street.This track is straight gully business and the rude boy samples punctuating the track throughout are a real treat. Yes, sire.


Dense & Pika – Colt EP (Hotflush Records)

Shifting gears slightly, Dense & Pika have made a fantastic little tech-house release with their Colt EP. Normally I find tech-house to be on the boring side; this EP, however, is full of energy. The bass is what you’d expect from warehouse techno, but the drums are of the cheeky house variety, making me feel like I’m not just surrounded by a bunch of Germans in v-necks. There is also plenty of breathing room in the tracks, so don’t expect to be knocked over by the busy-ness that can characterize certain strains of house. The crown jewel of this EP is “Colt,” which starts out advertising itself as techno, but we then get the warm embrace of a piano. It creeps up on you, but this track ends up a stomper. Very reminiscent of Chicago house, but in such a way that it isn’t just a rehash.


As usual, here’s a special mix I did if you’re wondering what this show’s about: http://www.mixcloud.com/mike-van-esler/february-rinse-out-mix-mve/

Written by Mike Van Esler. Tune into the Rinse Out every Thursday night from 10pm-midnight on 90.7fm KJHK.