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Guide to SXSW

Spring is almost here, which means Austin’s famous SXSW music festival is just around the corner. For those of you who don’t know, SXSW is the biggest music, film, and interactive conference in the Midwest region and one of the biggest in the nation. On the music side of things, many up and coming Indie musicians­­–as well as the already established­–play sets throughout the heart of downtown Austin, Texas at various venues and dive bars. While this festival is mainly for the 21+ crowd, there are some female-fronted artists that people of all ages should check out. If you can’t make the trip this year, I would strongly recommend giving these five bands a listen on your own.


Here is a list of five of the many female fronted bands performing at SXSW:


Warpaint has been receiving a lot of attention recently. Their sophomore album, Warpaint, was just released at the beginning of the year and has been reviewed by all the major indie music websites. Their sound features influences from neo-psychedlia, dream pop, and trip-hop genres. This Los Angeles all female band features tracks with fantastic vocals and well-crafted instrumentals. They will be playing Friday, March 14 at 11:30PM at the Mohawk Outdoor location. Give their music a listen; you won’t regret it!

Your Friend

Many great artists here in Lawrence are playing at SXSW, one being Taryn Miller’s band, Your Friend. Your Friend will be representing the local scene on Thursday, March 13 at 12:00AM on the Red 7 Patio. Her sound features layered vocals and guitars along with added bass and drums from her band mates that all come together to create an emotionally personal and full sound. Her music has been described as atmospheric and ambient, but when all elements are taken into account, it is hard to place her music into one strict genre or sound. Support local music and listen to her debut EP, Jekyll/Hyde.

Speedy Ortiz

In the indie music community, 2014 has brought many new EPs and albums from fresh female fronted groups. Among these is lo-fi grunge band, Speedy Ortiz. Their EP, Real Hair, offers listeners a 90’s-esque listening experience, and it just so happens they’ll be appearing at SXSW. Their set will be on Thursday, March 13 at 12:10AM at Parish Underground.

Cate Le Bon

International female fronted music will also be featured at this music extravaganza. Cate Le Bon, art pop musician from Wales, will be performing Thursday, March 13 at 12:00AAM at St David’s Historic Sanctuary. Her music can also be described as psychedelic folk. The vocals are catchy, the music is paced well, and the sound is unique–what more could you ask for? Check out tracks from her latest album, Mug Museum.

Dum Dum Girls

On the dream pop front, Dum Dum Girls will be playing two sets at SXSW. The first being on Thursday, March 13 at 3:00PMat the Radio Day Stage Austin Convention Center and the second on Friday, March 14 at 11:45 at the Chevrolet Courtyard at Cedar Street. This band is a part of the ever-growing dream pop revival that has gained prevalence in recent years. Their sound is oh so catchy. You will hear their newest stuff played on KJHK quite often. Give them a listen!

Written by Rachel Bennett. Tune into Femme FM every Wednesday night from 10-midnight on 90.7fm KJHK.