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The Rinse Out

Rolling into Spring

JT The Goon Twin Warriors EP (Oil Gang)

JT The Goon and Oil Gang are going to have a huge 2014.  Twin Warriors is the appetizer before the full course meal of his forthcoming LP.  All four tracks follow the evolving grime sound being pushed by Oil Gang, Glacial Sound, and Butterz.  Yet with all the innovation happening in the alternative grime scenes, there still exists nuggets of the original sound from the early 2000s.  Hazy bass flows through Ice Cube with the foundational frenzied orchestral strings adorning the track.  The eponymous track brings the faux-Oriental flavor that permeated dubstep and grime around 2005 and 2006; it is a return that is most welcome.   Perhaps the most eclectic and wavey track is the last one, Grime Light.  The bass dips and glides across the song with bits and pieces of woodwinds making their presence known occasionally.  Gun-cocking samples exist in plenitude.

Various Artists – Boxed Vol. 1 (Boxed)

Not so much a record label as a party night, Boxed has put out a free compilation that is, quite frankly, better than most other releases so far this year.  There are some forgettable tracks (the interesting but ultimately uninspiring Beach Boys remix by Mr. Mitch), but they mostly continue pushing instrumental grime forward.  Standouts include JT The Goon’s Listen, a track that continues the renewed interest in faux-Oriental aesthetics with a flute that takes you through the rolling basslines; Murlo’s Daybreak which sounds exactly like most Murlo track’s with its aquatic bassline (and this is not a bad thing); Mumdance & Rabit’s Square Wave Shell Down, a broken beat tracks that begins clapping the tuned down hi-hats and accompanied by wheel-up sounding bass; and Sirpixalot’s Comin’ Clean, a deceptively dark track with sparse bass that would not feel out of place in a John Carpenter movie.  The entire compilation is free—how can you beat that price?

Wave Racer – Streamers (Future Classic)

Switching up styles completely, Wave Racer puts out this wonky, high energy track just in time for Spring.  I’m going to be up front and admit that this is a fairly blatant rip off of Rustie’s style.  However, I love Rustie so I am not going to fault Wave Racer for this.  All of the twinkly synths, squelchy bass, and even the very obvious Navi sample (from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) is here.  Put simply, this is just a fun track.  Some people may try to classify this as seapunk (an already dumb moniker), but it is very clearly in the tradition of wonky music.

And, as usual, here is this month’s mix.


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