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Record Store Day # 7

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This is Kyle Stringer again from your favorite vinyl program – “For the Record.”This week, my blog is about Record Day # 7, which occurs on April 17th the case every year, I’m very excited for Record Store Day because of some cool limited releases. Because my radio show is all about the vinyl, I only have the vinyl releases below, but don’t worry, there are plenty of other limited items as well. Enjoy checking out the list. Apparently it is not comprehensive yet, because there are other items that have been talked about but not “officially.” Whatever that means… Be sure to check your local record shops for these releases, as not every record store gets everything on the list. In some cases, the releases are so limited, that it is first come first serve for record stores, so many customers will have no chance to get their hands on the release they want.

I’m especially excited for the CAKE box set of all of their albums, The Flaming Lips/DEVO split 7”, The Flaming Lips 7 H Skies 3 reduction 12”, and of Montreal’s re-release of “Satanic Panic in the Attic.”

See you all out in the world somewhere and happy hunting,

View a complete list of special releases here and here.


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