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Midwest Coast

Remember Your Openers

I’ve discovered some of my favorite bands accidentally. These bands, that in just a short while will catch on and blow up if history is any indicator, get the “worst” spot on the bill and sometimes make the bigger impression.

Now, no one is saying that Dr. Dog can ever be upstaged, but I and a few others, were surprised to hear that their opener Saint Rich made a damn fine attempt last month. They’ve got the skill and stage charisma, sure, but when the frontman is visibly offering some of his soul for the early audience to do with what they will, a live music slave like myself will notice, and even buy a T-shirt. If you like The Rolling Stones ( I know, I know) but if you like The Rolling Stones, try out this new blood from New Jersey, Saint Rich.

We also made a double-discovery at the more recent Sleeper Agent show at The Riot Room. Pagiins went first, starting just before 8pm in front of quite a modest crowd, who was intoxicated by their garage-punk sound nonetheless. Did you know new things could still be done with garage-punk? I had always hoped so, but wanted proof. Pagiins gave me that proof.

Holychild came next. No guitars, innumerable keys and a nasty beat set this group apart from their leading and following acts. Their front woman sporting black lipstick and a shiny gold disco blouse, these guys may remind you of No Doubt, but they rock more sexy than steady. It’s formidable.

Got a better live experience thanks to your openers? Let us know here on KJHK.org or on any of our social media platforms!


Written by Jerod Barker. Tune into the Midwest Coast every Friday from 8-10pm.