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La Guerre – Rare Spirits and Collectables

La Guerre’s haunting vocals pull you in and don’t let go

The haunting vocals on La Guerre’s newest album Rare Spirits and Collectables is reminiscent of their past releases yet taken a little bit further– they pull you in and they don’t let you go. I enjoyed this album so much that I found myself listening to it as a whole several times over without even realizing it. Katlyn Conroy delivers this album with top notch vocals, brilliant  instrumentation, well done songs, and–best of all–all of these elements create a unity of one long song, but one that is enjoyable from beginning to end for 38 minutes with each individual song adding its own little note to the whole. You can really get a sense of coming to terms with certain aspects of life: love and heartache–especially in the song titled “Feel It” with the line “check me out like a library book…”

And for those who don’t know La Guerre is the side project of Katlyn Conroy from Cowboy Indian Bear. La Guerre has made quite a name for themselves within the Lawrence community as well as around the country, and they even have a European tour in the works for the summer. I could probably go on forever about how much I enjoy and love this album, but you need to stop reading this review right now and go give it a listen and make up your own mind.

Recommended if you like dream pop

Written by Ethan Graham on 6/1/14

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