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Mimicking Birds–Eons

It’s beautiful and emotionally impacting

Eons is a moody melodic flow from start to finish that features melancholy vocals that are beautifully crafted. This band is known as being a prominent component of modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock’s label. They have a simple ambience that is beautiful and captivating. There are strong folk and indie rock foundations that have the added components of distortion and electronically produced sounds. All of the songs on this album have a wonderful flow that create a continuous story with the appropriate rises and falls that all stories should have, though risk being a bit repetitive at times.

The first track, appropriately titled “Memorabilia,” seeps with feelings of nostalgia and deep aching. Now this may sound like a downer, but is not at all. It’s beautiful and emotionally impacting. Also, the steady beat and swelling guitar chords keep the pace from reaching a subdued lull. The next track, “Acting Your Age” has poetic lyrics and a melodic acoustic guitar component. “Owl Hoots” is where the album takes a slight turn with strong percussion that takes the lead rather than the strong guitar parts that most of the other songs focus on. While some of the songs don’t seem to differ much from the last, there is still unique elements throughout that keep it at least somewhat interesting. The best vocals on this album are found on “Bloodlines” and “Night Light”. The resolution at the end of this story is aptly named “Moving On,” which is great closure to this story of love and pasts and beyond. While this band may not be able to catch the attention of a crowded room, their musicality catches the attention of those with a keen musical ear–like Isaac Brock. This album definitely deserves a play on the radio.

Recommended if you like Elliott Smith and Love As Laughter

Written by Rachel Bennett on 6/5/14

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