Panda Bear: Mr. Noah EP

These four tracks will definitely please  Panda Bear enthusiasts.

Noah Lennox aka Panda Bear is set to release his fifth solo album Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper  in January of 2015. This EP is giving us anxious fans something to munch on before the full length.

The really cool thing about this EP is beside the single none of the tracks will appear on the album so the other three tracks are a bonus!

The single “Mr. Noah” is a noisy experimental journey with layers of sound. It has bit of an edgy vibe which reminded me of Feels or parts of Strawberry Jam. It of course features stellar vocals and psychedelic samples.

I have become obsessed with “Faces in the Crowd.” It is such an intriguing track with swirling merry-go-round samples, layers of synths and a dreamy melody which is carried by Panda Bear’s amazing vocals.

“Untying the Knot” features some lush Asian inspired instrumentation and melodies that harken back to Person Pitch.

“This Side of Paradise” is the strangest of the tracks. It’s a little all over the place but enjoyable nonetheless.

These four tracks will definitely please my fellow Panda Bear enthusiasts. Let the countdown until the album comes out begin!

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Recommended Tracks: “Mr. Noah,” “Faces in the Crowd,” Untying the Knot,” and “This Side of Paradise”

Reviewed by Emilie Stafford on Noverber 9, 2014

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