Absolutely Free: Absolutely Free

These dudes know how to make intriguing psychedelic tunes.

Toronto trio Absolutely Free has released a few singles over the past couple years. These dudes know how to make intriguing psychedelic ambient tunes.

The album starts out with the appropriately titled “Window of Time” which is slow, dreamy and experimental. It leads quite nicely into “Beneath the Air” a track which features a 60s psych vibe complete with drums which sound similar to the drums from “Tomorrow Never Knows” (The Beatles).

“Striped Light” mixes electronic grooves with psych rock making an infectious track. “Burred Lens” shows off Absolutely Free’s ambient chops. It’s a little spacey reminds me a bit of Kraftwerk. The beat and groove are pretty enthralling.  “Earth II” harkens back to the psych vibe but with loads of electronic elements. Think Tame Impala but much more experimental and far out.

“My Dim Age” features some Foxygen-esque instrumentation and a chilled out vibe.  “Vision’s” is probably the most captivating track. It starts out with samples for several 50s songs and then transitions into a rapid explosion of echoed vocals and psych grooves.  

Absolutely Free is definitely a very well thought out album. The time signatures and movements are not predictable but fresh and keep the listener’s attention. This one will definitely jive well with what we have spinning at 90.7.

Recommended if you like: Temples, Foxygen, experimental ambient

Recommended tracks: “Beneath the Air,” “Striped Light,” “Vision’s,” “My Dim Age,” and “Earth II”

Reviewed by Emilie Stafford October 28, 2014

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