Turbo Fruits: No Control

TF-No-Control-Art-lo-res4_opt-1If The Orwells are considered devilish based on their lyricism then Turbo Fruits would be on your other shoulder. They’re sort of like the next generation of the Strokes with some rowdy, yet relevant lyricism.

No Control is the Nashville-based band’s 4th studio album. It’s coated with a heavy dosage of some playful, free-flowing guitar riffs and backing. The lead singer, Jonas Stein’s vocals are as addictive as an oversized bowl of your grandma’s special recipe at times. The combination of the customary garage band guitar, vocals, bass and drums don’t necessarily get spruced up, but rather diversified. All of the songs bring a little bit something to the table.

“Show Me Something Real” (1) introduces edginess right from the beginning at a slower pace. “No Reason to Stay” (7) and “Don’t Let Me Break Your Heart Again” (3) have the Saint Rich wallowing, driven guitar going on. “Don’t Change” (6) is comparable to some fast paced Strokes action. And, “The Way I Want You” (2) has a trance inducing instrumental chorus patched together by some solid vocals.

This album is really what you make it to be. Give each song it’s own chance and do some exploring (just not into FCC prohibited territory).

Recommended If You Like: Jay Reatard, Jeff the Brotherhood, Twin Peaks, The Orwells, FIDLAR, Saint Rich
Recommended Tracks: 1 (Show Me Something Real), 3 (Don’t Let Me Break Your Heart Again), 6 (Don’t Change), 2 (The Way I Want You), 7 (No Reason to Stay)
Do Not Play: 8 (Friends), 10 (Worry About You), 11 (Big Brother)
Written by Colin Smith on 04/10/2015

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