Kathryn Calder: Kathryn Calder

kathryn-calder_optKathryn Calder does synth pop just right. The artist’s combination of delicate, melancholic layers of vocals lost in deep ambient reverberation, and fragile acoustic and electronic textures create a soundscape that captures a very intimate sound.

The album jumps around in dynamics, delving into musical soliloquy and straight up Stereolab-esque krautrock. The sounds of the album draw on many different inspirations –’80s new wave, folk, psychedelic.

Her variety of influence music-wise creates a very distinct musical style that calls to the past but still remains true to herself. Occasionally songs tend to fall into more typical song structures, but these are made up for with Calder’s excellent knack for instrumental and vocal arrangements in order to keep the sounds fresh.

Anyone looking for music to walk home to on a rainy day will surely find good company with this album.

Recommended If You Like: Stereolab, St. Vincent, Beach House, Belle and Sebastian
Recommended Tracks: 3, 5, 6, 10
Do Not Play: clean
Written by Mason wheatley on 04/17/2015

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