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Sam Cohen: Cool It

Sam_optDepending on the song this album was at closest comparison Mac Demarco/Father John Misty/Beatles vocals all backed and/or driven by Tame Impala-esque instrumental. Sam Cohen is where music is heading, or should be. It’s a softer touch on rock, almost a folk approach, but with electronic, synth-laced backing.

This album grips you and relieves you of all inhibitions. It allows you to space out. And yet there’s no definite description due to the differentiation from song to song.

In Unconditional Love (4) the vocals drag the instrumental along in a slow serenade. You catch a little bit of influence from The Beatles on Last Dream (6). Don’t Shoot The Messenger (5) is reminiscent of Father John Misty with a tweak. And, The Garden (3), Let The Mountain Come To You (1) and a few others personally give off the aforementioned Mac Demarco vibe.

There is a lot of musical experimentation packed into this album. It can surely provide for quite a few different musical tastes. So let Sam Cohen spin in player and do some exploring, just don’t get too lost in it.

Recommended If You Like: Mac Demarco, Pond, Tame Impala, Foxygen, White Fence, Grizzly Bear
Recommended Tracks: 1 (Let The Mountain Come To You), 5 (Don’t Shoot The Messenger), 3 (The Garden), 6 (Last Dream), 9 (Midnight Conqueror)
Do Not Play: 10 (Unconditional Love)
Written by Colin Smith on 05/01/2015

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