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Golden Eels: Periscopes in the Air

periscopes-in-the-airPeriscopes in The Air is the debut Album of Atlanta indie music veteran Neil Golden’s band Golden Eels. The album has an inventive, hard-to-pigeonhole quality somewhat like Pavement’s stuff. It almost sounds like it was made for college radio.
Neil is a pianist as heart, as he shows us throughout Periscopes. The combinations of keyboards, synths, and pianos sound magical. This is especially true on ‘Human Heart Attack’ whose keyboard has a bit of an Eno-era Roxy Music vibe.
The vocals are another strong point on Periscopes, Neil seems to have found his own unique sound. You can hear a lot of Pavement, Roxy Music, and other Pitchforkian art-rock/indie pop influence. The Golden Eels sure did their homework. It’s very solid indie pop, ideal for the summer. Enjoy & explore!

Recommended If You Like: Pavement, Sufjan Stevens, Lofi music
Recommended Tracks: 1 (Bathtub), 4 (Human Heart Attack), 5 (Jezebel), 9 (Real Y’know), 11 (Deep End)
Do Not Play: None
Written by Andy Fiala on 07/15/15