Article-3998337-CF053cover_optIf you recognize “Several species of small furry animals gathered together in a cave grooving with a pict” and “Astronomy Domine” as song titles, then read on. This album is for the intrepid listener familiar with the hallucinogenic both musically and physically. Creeping

Pink is very obviously influenced by early Floyd and makes great use of said influence. With few vocals this album swings between spacy electronica and mood inducing psychedelia with a hefty dose of experimentation thrown in for good measure.

Track 6 is a definite avoid. Track 5 was my favorite and appears to pay homage to the Pink Floyd song “Bike.” Overall a good listen which grows on you, but aside from track 5 I am not so sure there is much for radio here.

Recommended If You Like: Early Pink Floyd
Recommended Tracks: 5
Do Not Play: None
Written by Lance Faegenburg on 07/15/15

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