a3864114517_16_optBow Thayer is at times an example of Americana at its finest. While his music is not truly psychedelic, I felt I should be at a festival eating chocolates the whole time I was listening to this album. Bow’s voice feels like velvet and his music feels deep and layered. Much of this album is folk rock, occasionally straying into blues. I often found myself thinking Thayer is heavily influenced by Dylan.
Over all this is a great album. My favorite track was Lympus (track 9). However, I would suggest avoiding tracks 11 and 12.

Recommended If You Like: Not sure, but he’d fit with New Riders and Railroad E.
Recommended Tracks: 1,3,4,6,7,9, 10
Do Not Play: None
Written by Lance Faegenburg on 07/22/2015

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