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Gossamer: Automation

36566-automatonGossamer’s Automation is unique and original. It takes worldly elements and aligns them in a format that fits a downtempo electronic song. some tracks (like “Off World” and “Print”) are just suspenseful and mysterious enough to keep one on their toes while others are ambient and filled with chants drowned with reverb that create a calm, serine aura. Every bass drum hit is deep and powerful, but not overpowering, like a solid heal hit on a carpeted ground. I’d describe it as a pleasant knock intended to give songs force.

“Okuma” is definitely the track that caught my ear the most. It’s a wistful tune with a slow time signature, our friendly pleasant knock, a series of solemn boops, an acoustic guitar, and a sweet voice lulling in the background. It’s really a beautiful piece that is perfect for rainy days, sunsets, and those other cheesy settings used as backdrops for an inspirational quote. I literally want it to be played at my funeral, guyz.

Geiz… literally.

In all seriousness, I do think that “Okuma” is a great song.
Give it and the rest of the album a listen.

Recommended If You Like: James Blake, Telescope Thieves, Aphex Twin

Recommended Tracks: 5 (Okuma), 6 (Print), 1 (3D Relief), 3 (J-Cruise)

Do Not Play: None

Written by Shane Blair on 07/29/15