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Sunflower Reading Series 8/24/15

Sunflower Reading Series – 8/24/15
In our inaugural episode of the 2015-2016 season, writers Divya Bhalla and Kristina McCollum read and discuss some of their work.  Also, co-host Danny Caine chats about some of his summer reading.
Divya Radhika Bhalla
Sunflower Reading Series – 3.1 Intro (4:33)
Sunflower Reading Series – 3.1 Divya Bhalla (20:57)
Creative writing PhD candidate Divya Bhalla reads a fantastical
story about meeting her favorite band and then sticks around to discuss music, memory, and her undying love for Guns N’ Roses.
Sunflower Reading Series – 3.1 Danny’s Reads (16:00)
In this first edition of a recurring segment we’re calling “I Know
What You Read Last Summer,” co-host Danny Caine discusses his summer reading in the studio, including Oreo by Fran Ross as well as the long awaited “sequel” to To Kill A Mockingbird, which was released over the summer.
Sunflower Reading Series – 3.1 Kristina McCollum (13:28)
Writer Kristina McCollum comes into the studio to read and discuss an “adult animal fable” with the hosts.
Go Set a Watchman
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