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Off The Mic: Adrian Lujano

Adrian Lujano

DJ Name: DJ Sweet LouOff the Mic KJHK
DJ Shift: Latin Lab (Tuesdays at 11pm),  Rock Rotation (Mondays at Noon)
Major:  Communications
Minor: Business
Notable KJHK Contributions: Summer 2015 Beatlovers DJ, Jazz in the Morning Host, Sports Staff Writer covering KU Tennis, Swimming and Diving teams.
Favorite Color: Blues and Reds
Favorite Sports: Baseball and Basketball
Hobbies: playing NBA 2k14, reading sports books, reading beatnik writers, working out (boxing, pickup basketball, softball), and going to sporting events.


Ethan Graham: First question is what is your favorite color and why?
Adrian Lujano: My favorite color…well, I like darker blues, or just stuff in the blue family mainly. Mainly because of KU and I am also a Yankees fan. I like that navy blue and I also like the Knicks.  

EG: Great great, I have several favorite colors, which one of them is blue, so I get it.
AL: I also like Crimson, the color red. Crimson and Blue, Blue and Orange, and the Yankees Navy Blue.

EG: Next question which is linked to the last at least in a sense, if you’ve ever watched “Monty Python and the The Holy Grail.” What is your quest?
AL: I have seen that movie but it’s been a while. Really, I just want to have an opportunity to do something in media, like work for a radio station, something in that mass media atmosphere. I’m open to all the opportunities for me here and want to see where they take me. An opportunity to do play-by-play for sports is something that I’ve always wanted to do. I used to play baseball, so if I couldn’t make a career of twenty years than my fallback would be in sports writing, sports broadcasting, or radio. But I also just like being behind the mic and DJing. I’m really excited by all we do here and glad to be a part of it.

EG: When did you realize you liked music, or when did you start trying to figure out what you like in music?
AL: You know, at a young age, my parents liked music. I played instruments when I was in school. I played saxophone, and learned how to play the drums when I got older.  I have a taste for a  little bit of everything. I even like some country music and I like the some of the old westerns…I don’t know why they sound good to me. I grew up on Latin music like, Santana. My dad also liked some rock, so I like rock and my mom liked Latin music…so I like Latin Music. She also liked 70s stuff, like funk. It’s just the stuff I grew up on. I also like Alternative [music] because I play the drums and the instruments I play dictate what I like.  If I want to play the drums, I like alternative, because I want to make loud noises. I just have to make it sound good.

Off the Mic KJHK Adrian LujanoEG: Cool, so what was the first album that you bought with your own money?  Or even an album bought that your parents bought you?
AL:  First album that I bought with my own money was Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic.”  I bought it with my allowance. But since I was still kind of young when that CD came out I had to hide from my parents for a little bit because of the parental advisory and all.

EG: Awesome, now what is an album that has an emotional connection to you or to a memory?
AL: I would probably say, it would be the Santana “Abraxas” and “Santana III.” My dad loved Santana and so do I. If I was going to play Santana, either of those two albums would be it. Those were my dad’s favorite albums, the ones that he always played at home or in the car. So I’d say more later Latin Rock.

EG: Why don’t we move into sports? You said that you’ll be covering KU Tennis,  and KU Swimming and Diving teams when their seasons start. Did you choose these teams or were you assigned them?
AL: Actually I did choose them. They gave us a list of the teams and asked for our preferences.  I put down tennis, swimming, diving, basketball obviously, and softball or baseball…either one would have been good.  I like the sports and I watch men’s and women’s tennis. I enjoy swimming, like in the olympics. I see it as like a sprint but in the water. I like swimming because it is a competition to see who is the most endured person.  If you ever swim a lot of laps then you know it’s not easy. I played multiple sports, but baseball was the sport that I was best at. I would have been happy with any sport they would have given me because I love sports in general.  Also, to be able to put some things out there for these athletes that play for KU and get some recognition for them is great. Because we are obviously a basketball school and others can get overshadowed by them…it’s such a historic program.

EG: I think you answered another one of my questions which was what is your favorite sport? You love baseball?
AL: Baseball will always be my number 1.  But I like basketball as well. Those are the two sports I like the most. I know I’d never be as good as any of the basketball players on the court, and so I’m just astounded by their skill. That’s why I enjoy watching basketball…it’s one of my favorite things to do. I like to watch KU Basketball and the NBA. I like watching football and baseball. But basketball really gets my adrenaline pumping when I watch it.  If I played a sport it would be baseball and football, but watching a sport would probably go to basketball.

EG: My next questions are less music, less sports and more about you in a sense.  Also just kind of fun questions. First up, what is your favorite childhood cartoon?
AL: It’d probably be the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles because I always wanted to be Michelangelo. He was always the funny one, even in the movies he was the goofy one. Plus, every kid when they’re little wants to be a ninja, you know what I mean? Kicking everybody, running around…and there was four of them so that I could be Michelangelo one day and then Leonardo the next.  

EG: That may also answer my next one as well, Who is your favorite superhero and why?
AL: If I was going to be a superhero, I’d probably want to be Batman, because it’s Bruce Wayne, the billionaire that fights crime as Batman at night. And he’s got that big Batmobile. I think in some of the movies his suit even reflected bullets. I guess I’ll just be Batman. I like the Batman movies.