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FIDLAR-2015-Too_cover-300x300Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer. That’s essentially what FIDLAR’s latest album is—an ode to beer. It’s silly, in-your-face, watered down punk that sort of makes you feel like shit. Too is a fun album because it’s upbeat, danceable, easy to sing along to, and is generally accessible. But on the other hand, there are only so many songs about getting black out drunk that can be on a single album without seeming stale.

Considering that FIDLAR’s debut album was mostly about beer (and included the song Cheap Beer), their second comes off as tired and unoriginal thematically. Maybe I’m naive in expecting a slightly more polished/mature album from FIDLAR, and while there were a couple standout songs, it’s mostly a repeat of their debut. Tracks 7 and 4 are the best in my opinion, but track 1 (the single) isn’t terrible either.

Recommended If You Like: Wavves, Bass Drum of Death, Ty Segall, Jacuzzi Boys, anything on Burger Records

Recommended Tracks: 7! (Drone), 4 (Why Generation), 1 (40oz on Repeat), 3 (West Coast)

Do Not Play: 5 (Sober), 6 (Leave Me Alone), 11 (Bad Medicine), 12 (Bad Habits)

Written by Caroline Roe on 09/23/15