Petite Noir: La Vie Est Belle

306b06ea_optNoir wave is the genre that Cape Town maestro, Petite Noir, claims his music fits under. Whatever it is it’s good, possibly cult-formingly good. The combination of emotion (the occasional laughter, ect.), warm waves of vocals, synth beats, and horns, a soundscape background instrumental and African-influenced beats creates the recipe for shear bliss.

Best (2) releases a barrage of horns paired with some dance-worthy rhythmic backing. La Vie Est Belle (6) sneaks in some groovy French rapping, complements of Baloji. Chess (11) produces a churning background, with TV on the Radio stacked vocals (also in Just Breathe (5) and Colour (8)) that make the six and a half minutes go by surprisingly quick. Down (9) is truly emblematic of noir wave and has some funky beehive synth at the end (coining that term now). Inside has an orgy of sax, synth and calming vocals with a nice little sign off at the end.

Seriously good stuff comes out of Petite Noir. He pulls from many artists and decades and all the while pays homage to his surroundings. Contender for one of the better albums I’ve heard this year. It’s simplistic at first listen yet astoundingly complex. La Vie Est Belle is worth a listen or a few.

Recommended If You Like: TV on the Radio, Blood Orange, Paul Simon (instrumental), Damon Albarn

Recommended Tracks: ALL. 9 (Down), 11 (Chess), 2 (Best), 10 (Inside)

Do Not Play: 7 (MDR)

Written by Colin Smith on 09/23/15