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Off the Mic: Caroline Roe

Off the Mic

Caroline Roe

DJ Name: Doesn’t need one
DJ Shift: 3-6pm Saturday
Major: Double Majoring in English and Women, Gender and Sexuality StudiesIMG_8852
Minor: NA
Major KJHK Contributions: Spring 2015 DJ Rotation 6-9am on Sunday and Music staff
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Band: Classic Rock: Rush  Modern: Jeff the Brotherhood, Ty Segall
Hobbies: Plays guitar and bass, listens to music


Ethan Graham: First question, as with all of these, favorite color and why?
Caroline Roe: Favorite color is green, because to me it’s kind of a neutral color. A lot of my clothes are green even though I’m not wearing green.

EG: I’m wearing green.
CR: Yeah, the good kind too. I like the darker greens. I’m not going to say anything about nature because that would be cheesy. But green.

EG: I like green, I have many favorite colors and green is among them. Now to follow up with that, what is your quest?
CR: My quest is to find the Holy Grail.

EG: Yes, yes you’re the first one to get that (spins in chair).
CR: Yeah, that’s my quest.

EG: Some have talked about what they want to do in life but that’s great.
CR: No, the Holy Grail is the ultimate quest.

EG: When did you first start to like music or when did you start trying to figure out what you liked in music?
CR: My first memory is listening to the Pixies album “Doolittle.” That’s my first memory because my parents were really into music. I remember in fourth grade we had to do an “all about me” poster and I put Green Day’s American Idiot. I thought that was super badass because everyone else was listening to Radio Disney. I just sort of forced myself to listen to my parents music. Then when I was in middle school when I had the internet, I googled a lot of stuff. I had subscriptions to Spin and Rolling Stone really early and kind of on accident.

EG: What was the first album you bought with your own money or your parents bought you?
CR: The first album I bought was Green Day’s “Nimrod,” at Vintage Stock. I’m not sure if my parents really bought me albums since they had so many already. They lived in Seattle during the Grunge period and they were into bands like Axe and Pearl Jam. I think they thought we had enough so they didn’t bother.  Oh wait, the Powerpuff Girls Soundtrack. They bought me that.

EG: That might actually answer a question later on but for now, what is an album that has an emotional connection to you or a memory?
CR: Well, as I said, Pixies’ “Doolittle” was my first memory. I just got a Doolittle tattoo today. It’s gotten me through a lot and I can just listen to it over and over.

EG: What is your favorite band? You can have multiple. I don’t care.
CR: Well, favorite classic rock seems like a whole other question than modern stuff, but I’d have to say for Classic Rock, it would be Rush. For modern purposes, I’d have to go with Jeff the Brotherhood or Ty Segall. I like just about anything he puts out.

EG: Those are some good choices. I am not going to judge, yet. Last music related question, what has been one of the best shows you’ve been to recently?
CR: I saw Rush last summer for the second time. It was their last tour so it was emotional. A few years ago, I saw the Flaming Lips at Liberty Hall and it was insane. They did the whole “walking in the ball” act and it was a really joyous show. Oh and Thunderbolt. I saw them in the spring. They too were incredibly insane.

EG: Now it’s time to get into the more fun questions, the ones I really enjoy.  What is your favorite childhood cartoon?
CR: PowerPuff Girls.
EG: My guess was correct. Any particular reason?
CR: I thought they were pretty badass. I just wanted to be Buttercup. It was a really dark cartoon and there was probably a lot of subliminal things that only parents would have got. Like the red guy, Him.
EG: You have seen that they’re bringing it back right?
CR: Yeah, I’m stoked.

So last question, which is the only one I really judge people on to be honest; who is your favorite superhero and why?
CR: Favorite superhero? Now I’m a little self conscious about this one.

EG: I did just put a lot of pressure on that one.
CR: I’m going to say Captain America, because he’s really accessible and he’s all-american. That’s his whole thing. Oh, and he’s really really cute in the movies.  

EG: All right. I’ll give you that.
CR: What was the right answer?
EG: There is no right answer. The only answer that matters to me is the reason, because someone could say, “I like Batman, because he’s Batman.” That’s not exactly an answer, if you know what I mean.