Born RuffiansToronto four-piece indie-rock group Born Ruffians pick up where they left off on their new album. Formed in 2004, Ruff is the fifth studio album in the band’s discography along with two EPs. Ruff is very much within the same vein as its previous releases while still featuring new and noteworthy material.

“Don’t Live Up” kicks off the album with sounds familiar to the ears of Born Ruffians fans. A style akin to past albums like Red Yellow & Blue or Say It. Guitarist and singer Luke LaLonde reaches new heights on “Yawn Years” and “Don’t Worry Now” is Born Ruffians’ dream-pop effort of the album. LaLonde and the band are apathetic on “When Things Get Pointless I Roll Away” as he sings “I feel like it’s nice to think the world falls apart when I go to sleep.”

“We Made It” is one of the best tracks on the album and really resonates with the Ruffian repertoire as LaLonde sings “One day I’m going to make it, fake it until I make it.” This record is cohesive and an easy listen from start to finish. Reverberated and phased guitar bring Ruff to a close on “Shade To Shade” featuring LaLonde’s belted, ethereal vocals one last time. The Born Ruffians might’ve grown up a bit with this mellow, mature release but Ruff fits their identity to a tee.

Recommended If You Like: Grizzly Bear, Franz Ferdinand, Tokyo Police Club, Dodos

Recommended Tracks: 9 (We Made It), 3 (Yawn Years), 1 (Don’t Live Up), 5 (When Things Get Pointless I Roll Away)

Do Not Play: 6 (& On & On & On), 7 (F*** Feelings), 8 ((Eat S***) We Made It)

Written by Harrison Hipp on 10/22/15

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