Balthazar-Thin-WallsBalthazar hit young adult life and the mixture of feelings of fear and love perfectly on the nail on its third album, Thin Walls. This album features amazing melodies and gritty instrumentals that showcase what makes indie-rock amazing. Written while on tour with very little privacy and not much time off, you can feel the frantic energy in Thin Walls come out and add a sense of depth to the album.

The lyrics are the all-star of the album. It’s easy to turn Thin Walls on and find yourself in the lyrics, whether it be lines that portray fear and anxiety like “when did all the streets get so empty /¬†and when did all the music die on me” from “Wait Any Longer” or happier tracks that share the feeling of love and companionship such as the peppier track “Nightclub.”¬†Overall, Balthazar did indie-rock right on their newest album and it’s definitely worth a listen.

Recommended If You Like: The Van Jets, Oscar And The Wolf

Recommended Tracks: 1 (Decency), 6 (Dirty Love)

Do Not Play: None

Written by Lexi Adams on 10/25/15

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